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Bugles Across America

Please allow me to introduce myself, and Bugles Across America.

I am Lansing Williams, the Maryland State Coordinator for Bugles Across America (BAA).

Bugles Across America is a volunteer organization, consisting of  individuals who believe that veterans deserve to have a LIVE bugle player playing TAPS at their funerals, rather than a taped version played through speakers or with a digital device inside a horn.

If a member of your organization, or any veteran pass away, and the family desires TAPS to be played, and a tape or digital recording is provided, please think of Bugles Across America, and either contact me directly at 301-444-0767, by e-mail at slansing@cfoassoc.com, or go to the Bugles Across America website, www.buglesacrossamerica.org, to request a bugler. We will do our best to honor the veteran appropriately.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

S. Lansing Williams
Maryland State Coordinator
Bugles Across America

Contact us: alpost66@comcast.net